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Civil War
Telegram Series

Francis H. Pierpont (1814–1899) was elected governor of the “Loyal” or “Restored” Government of Virginia which was formed in Wheeling shortly after the state’s Richmond government left the Union to join the Confederacy in May 1861. Included in this digital collection are more than 850 telegrams documenting Pierpont’s efforts to maintain Union rule in western Virginia during the first two years of the Civil War. Concerning matters ranging from recruitment and outfitting of soldiers to troop movements and engagements, these telegrams provide nearly a daily record of military developments in western Virginia during this extraordinary period.

Battle at Philippi, June 1861 Battle of Rich Mountain, August 1861
Governor Francis H. Pierpont General George B. McClellan General William S. Rosecrans General Benjamin F. Kelley
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