• 1861/06/23
  • Pierpont, Francis H.
  • Governor Peirpoint [Francis H. Pierpont] Wheeling Jun 23th 1861. By Telegraph, from Grafton 23th 1861. There is a prisoner at Camp Carlile named Louis Stevens arrested by Col Kelly against whom I have no charges delegate AF Ritchie recommends his discharge will you please decide & order his discharge if you think best. T.A. Morris Brig Genl Cmdg 39gr122 paid [page 2] Recd June 24 1861. Genl. Morris
  • Morris, Thomas Armstrong

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  • Grafton, (West) Virginia
  • Wheeling, (West) Virginia
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Civil War Telegram Series 1861–1865

The Pierpont Telegram Series consists mostly of telegrams received by Francis H. Pierpont between June 1861 and May 1863. The vast majority of communications concern military matters. Many messages regard the raising and outfitting of troops, and the appointment of officers.