• 1861/07/01
  • Pierpont, Francis H.
  • Gov Pierpont Wheeling July 1 1861. By telegram, from Parkersburg 1st 1861. Colonel Roberts a member of the convention from Roane county was captured near Spencer and carried off by secessionists on Saturday last. They are threatening other Union men troops should be sent at once to that vicinity the military men here say the have no power to send out detachments and there are no troops here to spare consult with Frost. P. G. Van Winkle [page 2] P.G. Van Winkle July 1st 1861.
  • Van Winkle, Peter G.

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  • Parkersburg, (West) Virginia
  • Wheeling, (West) Virginia
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Civil War Telegram Series 1861–1865

The Pierpont Telegram Series consists mostly of telegrams received by Francis H. Pierpont between June 1861 and May 1863. The vast majority of communications concern military matters. Many messages regard the raising and outfitting of troops, and the appointment of officers.